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If your business is established; and you have researched the key questions for starting a brand campaign, now is time to bring it to fruition. 

Effective marketing and good brand design are the necessary factors to have for a recognizable market presence. The ability of putting design and messages together, that interact with your audience, that tells them who you are in a compelling fashion, is what’s all about.

Successful business owners have learned that innovation over impersonation is crucial when establishing a strong brand identity. In a competitive world, a good brand identity can set you apart from the rest, regardless of your business projections and past business’ performance.

If you are not a designer and plan to grow or re-brand your business, hiring a brand professional will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Your brand identity is your greatest business asset. It is tangible and it is the face of your business.

At its core, the principles for effective branding are simple:

  • Define your brand. Put in on paper.
  • Keep it simple. One good idea is best.
  • Focused brands are more influential than diffused brands.
  • Strive to be different, somehow.
  • Build word of mouth.
  • Avoid sub-brands.
  • Create connections with your target prospects, emotionally.
  • Be patient. Building a memorable brand takes time.
  • Once there, do not rest on your laurels.

At the end, what works is great design execution, one that complements your core values, business philosophy and vision.

One Brand Design would love to work with you. Share your ideas with us and see them flourish into tangible results.

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