Website design

Internet address, computer screenWhether you have an existing website that needs a simple touch-up or revamp, or you’re looking to create a new online presence with flair, One Brand Design has a design solution for you.

When designing a website we go through your goals analysis and discuss systematic design plans to accomplish what you envision yours to be: one site that works the best for your business.

Available technology, exceptional tools and even specialized vendors’ resources can be useful to your business goals only if used in harmony with some web design principles: functionality, responsiveness, character, emotion, and individuality. This is not necessarily part of the site’s visual appearance, but it’s a fundamental part to create something that a successful website should have: the ability to connect with your target audience.

Other design aspects such as balance, grid, colour, graphics and typography are to be considered when building a website, but are not necessarily your main features to have. Functionality and responsiveness should. Search-engine compatibility is also important.

Web design isn’t only about the website being functional. We believe that it has to give the site’s visitor the ability to not only use your website, but enjoy using it.

What’s on the client‘s responsibility? Content. Quality content. Unlike a retail-industry site, when a visitor comes to the site to buy something, content is extremely important to achieve audience engagement and loyalty. Resources are great, but quality content is best.

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