Milton Corado

Since entering the advertising and branding markets in the mid-1980s, Milton Corado has helped corporate clients conceive, achieve and deliver distinctive corporate identities through creative advertising, new-media and marketing services.

Milton knows firsthand the value of interconnecting, locally, nationally and internationally.  His professional background includes working as an art director for one of the largest international advertising agencies in Central and South America: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide – Modernoble Publicidad – providing creative visual solutions to clients such as Kimberly Clark, Revlon, Bartles & James, Pizza Hut, Phillips Morris and others.

This was followed by nearly 10 years as art director for El Diario de Hoy, a major Latin American newspaper with a daily circulation of 750,000. Milton was responsible for supervising and directing the creative process, design of advertising material and editorial content creation (info-graphics).  Milton was also a prolific political cartoonist during his position at this newspaper.

In 1993 Milton and his young family relocated to Canada, choosing Winnipeg in which to raise his family and further his career. Upon his arrival, he was hired at Circle Design Inc. His work was geared to digital media and visual content rendering with production input into problem-solving processes. At the same time, Milton graduated from Computer Multimedia Technology Centre in 1994.

Today Milton is the principal for One Brand Design. (formerly Designtype creative services division).

Here he acts as the principal of a dedicated design team, overseeing creative services for numerous corporate, government, retail and individual clients. At the same time he works to ensure that One Brand Design continues to bring its mark of excellence in the always-challenging advertising industry.

Community Involvement

Milton’s on-going community involvement brought him to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. As a proud member of the Chamber, Milton became a co-chair for the Ambassador Program in September 2012. Additionally, Milton also serves on the board of the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA Manitoba).

In the mentoring role, Milton participates in the Red River College Graphic Design program, as well as in Manitoba Mentors, and ensures company’s involvement through these two institutions’ work placement programs.

Outside of his professional endeavors Milton can be found enjoying outdoor activities, traveling or just spending quality time with his wife and two daughters.

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